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18770306 p6 SA Register The eclipse of the moon.pdf

Meeting to estab Astronomical Society.doc
Todd presided over a meeting of interested individuals to establish a single Astronomical Society. Todd indicated a preference that it should not be a section of the Royal Society.

Charles Todd - Astronomer.doc
Text of a presentation made by Robert Jenkins at the Todd Symposium 17 August 2012. It summarises Todd's professional endeavours in and significant contributions to the field of Astronomy.

CT at Telescope.jpg
An image of Todd viewing through an Equatorial or Universal Telescope at the West Terrace Observatory (????)

CT & Observatory staff.jpg
An image taken in the Observatory gardens of Todd with five staff members.

Todd lecture to boys on astronomy.pdf
Verbatim of an introduction of a lecture by Todd to the Boys' Institute at the YMCA. Includes a summary of the following lecture which covered the solar system and the stellar universe
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