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His impressions of Europe and mentions telegraphy, electricity, lighting, telephony (including stats), post and meteorology where SA observations are " best in the southern hemisphere"
Main feature was the parcel post negotiations. He doesn't like privatized telephony, was impressed with lighting on trains, clock for Adelaide library being built, meteorological equipment inspected and purchased
Todd estimates £500 per annum cost to have a permanent light for city.

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Based on recent Post Office tower demonstration and experience in London
Issues with obstructions. Lighted up trees in North Adelaide. Engine used for power. Todd says he can light the whole city with lights in each of the 4 parks
Telephonic transmission of band music to those outside the concert room, and illumination of the grounds by electric light
Results of Todd’s trip to Melbourne. Inspects an electric light factory, discusses Victoria deployment of torpedoes, suggests electric light for factories, caution on street use.
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