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If steamer did not arrive in Adl on time. Stamp Act and postal notes discussed. Despite news to contrary, a stamp machine was not bought in Melbourne.
Local sourcing of embossing machines, wire stitching machines, and other necessary appliances in connection with stamps and postal notes. Number of items embossed so far. Details of stamp face values to be created.
Includes reduction in press messages by telegraph, dining with a company, doing science, conferred with Siemens and visit gutta-percha factory. Health getting better.
when it could have been made by South Australians. Concern that Victorians want to annex South Australia

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to assist with implementing SA's newly enacted Stamps Act. Stamp forms and impress machine sourced from Victoria
Number of cheques, bills of lading and promissory notes embossed. Todd sources a new design for postage & revenue stamps. Details how the machinery and designs work. Praise for the results.
Concern that local manufacturers get the work

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Melbourne Postal Conference, mail contractors competing with gov't funded rivals, European mandates on what ships can be used. SA meteorological records praised, continental standards agreed to on observation methods and instruments.
Locations and instruments for 1st and 2nd order weather stations, plans to fill in gasps, local and Inter-colonial reports, publication of daily reports at 4 places. Mentions anemograph, thermometer, barometer, rain gauge.
Part of a Bill before the Legislative Council
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