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Rate to be fixed on poundage or subsidy. Routing through Colombo considered, health improving. Meteor sighted. Investigating electrical and telephone system. Praised for hard work
Victoria blocks weekly parcel post to SA. Doubtful shipping companies can give 30 day service. Possible subsidy of telegraph services. Todd sick, attends annual diner of Royal Astronomical Society.

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P&O tender not accepted, new ones to be called for, hope of securing a better service. Delegates will reconvene to conclude. Todd to H. C. meet Russel on matters scientific
Matters included signees, faster service, charges, tenders, routing, mail train from Adelaide and counterfeiting of colonial stamps.

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Melbourne Postal Conference, mail contractors competing with gov't funded rivals, European mandates on what ships can be used. SA meteorological records praised, continental standards agreed to on observation methods and instruments.
To discuss ocean mail tenders, uniform packet post, joining the Postal Union, mail trains Adelaide to Melbourne. Also mention of Edwin Sawtell's new pocket barometer.
Through use of railway stations

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Clare, Layton, Riverton, Spalding, Rhynie, Undalya, Crystal Brook, Saddleworth
Todd reacts positively to request of Melbourne Chamber of Commerce to join IPU. Darwin mail to depart from Port Adelaide

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