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Todd lecture to boys on astronomy.pdf
Verbatim of an introduction of a lecture by Todd to the Boys' Institute at the YMCA. Includes a summary of the following lecture which covered the solar system and the stellar universe

Summary of presentation by Richard Venus (OEM) at Symposium Aug 2012

A brief and succinct account of meteorological work in Australia to 1893 as reported to the 5th meeting of Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science held at Adelaide, September 1893.

Rainfall causes (eg sun spots).pdf
A report on a discussion with Charles Todd about rainfall: It's lack of connection with celestial phenomenon, it's lack of connection with arboreal clearances, and it's connection with agricultural production

Review Summer weather 1890-91.pdf
Sample of seasonal weather report produced by Charles Todd, Government Astronomer

clockpics 002.jpg
An image of the carriage clock to commemorate Todd's his 75th birthday, presented by "his colleagues of the conference of electrical engineers of the Commonwealth Adelaide 7(?) July 1901". The carriage clock appears to be hand made. Donated by…

Cooke 1.jpg
Ernest Cooke suggested that Todd was the first to counter prevailing belief that weather systems in the southern part of Australia generally progressed from east to west. Cooke was an understudy of Todd's and went on to be the Government Astronomer…

CT & Observatory staff.jpg
An image taken in the Observatory gardens of Todd with five staff members.

CT _raingauge.jpg
Image of Todd emptying a rain gauge for measurement of rainfall at West Terrace, Adelaide Observatory (??)

CT at Telescope.jpg
An image of Todd viewing through an Equatorial or Universal Telescope at the West Terrace Observatory (????)
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