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H18840310S2 - Forecasting zones.jpg
The first recorded in-house forecast was done on the 10th of March, 1884. It used this map of forecasting zones, which was used for about 120 years by the Commonwealth Weather Bureau.

F18900801C First rainfall(s).jpg
The first recorded rainfall map of the Colony of South Australia

C18830226C Scruffy(s).jpg
Angry synoptic chart showing disagreement

18831110C synoptic chart.jpg
In 1883 Todd and his staff completed their first recorded 'modern' synoptic chart of Australia. It was characterised by the use of a coloured map overlayed with carefully drawn isobaric lines. Earlier maps contained re-draws and signs of obvious…

B18810429T1 1st continental map.jpg
The first recorded synoptic chart covering the whole of Australia was roughly drawn in pencil by Todd or his staff in April 1891 using the data that was telegraphed to Adelaide from approximately 30 weather observation stations.

26,000 images which are a complete record of all the pages in the weather folios created by the office of Sir Charles Todd’s office, Meteorological Observer for the Colony of South Australia. The folios contain daily Australian synoptic charts,…

Advertiser 18911128 formation of rain making cmtee.doc
A report of a meeting held at the rooms of the South Australian branch of the Geographical Society that made recommended for the formation of a committee entitled "The Society for the Production of Rain by Artificial Means" with membership of 3…

Rainfall causes (eg sun spots)(1).jpg
First of 2 (??) part images of newspaper article of a report on a discussion with Charles Todd about rainfall: It's lack of connection with celestial phenomenon, it's lack of connection with arboreal clearances, and it's connection with…

CT at weather station.jpg
Todd standing at a Stevenson Screen (???) temperature recording station at the West Terrace Observatory (????)

CT _raingauge.jpg
Image of Todd emptying a rain gauge for measurement of rainfall at West Terrace, Adelaide Observatory (??)
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