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Speaks to Superintendent of the London Fire Brigade
Rate to be fixed on poundage or subsidy. Routing through Colombo considered, health improving. Meteor sighted. Investigating electrical and telephone system. Praised for hard work
Its capability of providing street lighting
He has shown real ingenuity and skill and great power as a practical electrician
Mentions expansion of telephone network, exhibition of electric firing mines, relays, electrometer, Morse ink writers, batteries, induction coils; thermopiles; compasses; microphones, submarine cables, telephonic transmitters and receivers
Seven-inch sparks of electric light and telephone exhibited
Uniform weather telegraphy (better forecasting, importance to SA of WA information), publication of observations; measuring base line of verification in surveying; operation of torpedo service, inspection of Post-Telegraphic ops
Results of Todd’s trip to Melbourne. Inspects an electric light factory, discusses Victoria deployment of torpedoes, suggests electric light for factories, caution on street use.
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