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Rate to be fixed on poundage or subsidy. Routing through Colombo considered, health improving. Meteor sighted. Investigating electrical and telephone system. Praised for hard work
Speaks to Superintendent of the London Fire Brigade
Indicates it's for his work on the Overland Telegraph, astronomy, and work in electricity. Todd a very popular figure in SA

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In recognition of his services to telegraphy
A hallmark article of how some viewed Todd for his vision, tenacity and application for completing the Overland Telegraph. Based on Todd's 1886 paper on Telegraphy delivered to the Royal Colonial Institute
Todd praised for Cambridge Honorary Masters
His impressions of Europe and mentions telegraphy, electricity, lighting, telephony (including stats), post and meteorology where SA observations are " best in the southern hemisphere"
Melbourne Postal Conference, mail contractors competing with gov't funded rivals, European mandates on what ships can be used. SA meteorological records praised, continental standards agreed to on observation methods and instruments.
Contains many details on continental and overland lines including construction, early usage, significant personalities, etc. Mentions early telephone in Adelaide. Illustrates rivalry between colonies.
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