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Rate to be fixed on poundage or subsidy. Routing through Colombo considered, health improving. Meteor sighted. Investigating electrical and telephone system. Praised for hard work
SA uses "their patent rights". Todd negotiating

Costs of building the line and annual charges are outlined

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His impressions of Europe and mentions telegraphy, electricity, lighting, telephony (including stats), post and meteorology where SA observations are " best in the southern hemisphere"
Main feature was the parcel post negotiations. He doesn't like privatized telephony, was impressed with lighting on trains, clock for Adelaide library being built, meteorological equipment inspected and purchased
Mentions advantage of telephone over post and telegraphy, cost to build and operate. Committee formed to lobby for the service
Contains many details on continental and overland lines including construction, early usage, significant personalities, etc. Mentions early telephone in Adelaide. Illustrates rivalry between colonies.

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